Monday, October 02, 2017

Anime Matsuri

These images are the latest in a series illustrations I made a few months back for the Huston festival Anime Matsuri. The tall drawing, colored by my good friend Andrei Tabacaru is one of two banners used to decorate the pillars at the entry of the festival.  
The other two are shirt designs. The bottom one is inspired by Reika's ice cosplay.
All three drawings were drawn on my cintiq in Photoshop
Many thanks to Bogdan Gorganeanu for his tips and good advice.

colors by Andrei Tabacaru


These are part of the inktober daily challenge depicting one of my favorite cast members, Remi spelled r3m1, for no special reason; a cute mechanic girl, the main character in her own self titled comic-book story, that is so underground, it will never see the light of the screen, or paper, or sun. A character that I like strongly enough that I think, I will use in future projects, as main cast or just cameo(sic!).
When I say ”part” of the challenge, I mean, this is as far as I got in the challenge. I am sure something important came up, can't remember, but I challenge myself, to do at least nine entries, this year(sic-er!).


Monday, August 24, 2015

Museum Heist

This is a sample.
Set in the era of steam engines, it features a dynamic cast and action based storyline: a heist gone wrong in a natural history museum

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

HAC#15: King Crow

First of several chapters starring Baian, a rebel hero with a strong sense of justice and a very dark past. He is a holocaust survivor.
He has the ability to elongate his body and shoots a magic bow with fire arrows.

An 8pager published in HAC#15

Colors by the great DanielDuran, plot by the amazing MarianComan

Monday, July 06, 2015


This is the story of a gas station.
More details, soon.

Art: Cristian Darstar              Colors: Andrei Tăbăcaru

Monday, June 22, 2015

HAC: Heart of ice pt.II

Miron gets closer to the truth, closer to the frozen ancient sepulture.
This is where things start getting cold with plenty of snwo, ice, isolation and broken memories.
After a pitch-perfect script by MarianComan, colored in nuances of beautiful by AndreiTăbăcaru.

A 13pager published in HAC#12

First page with credits

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

My Way: Book Cover

Before & after minimal edit
This is an illustration for a science fiction book cover. I enjoyed the process of drawing so much, I had no idea it will be turned down. So this is a rejected cover. The blame is not on any pornographic element, but editorial. Mainly the central figure did not mach the figure in the mind of the author. It sure matched the one in my mind, I thought it was a perfect representation for the character and his relation  to the rest of the cast.
Perhaps 60% of the time was spent drawing the numbers with ink, drawing-gum and white-out.  The book still got out but with a different cover.
I had no idea of what I should do with this drawing. I still don`t but meanwhile it stays here. What do you do with your rejected art?
Book is currently sold here

Mickey pe Dunăre

One year ago, this time I was working on a book called Mickey pe Dunăre. Written by Alexandru Berceanu,  with a cover by Sorina Vasilescu, edited by Jumătatea Plină, in a project produced by the Czech Embassy in Bucharest, represented by Petra Dobruska. This book was the first in a collection of books. A collaboration between Jumatatea Plina and the Czech Embassy. The second was Aripi de oțel(Wings of Steel) by Adrian Barbu and Jiri Sitler, third was Karel Liman: Arhitect by Maria Surducan, forth Dolki-n trei straie by Ileana Surducan and Petra Dobruska. More books are to follow.

The book is about the Prague Spring in 1968, when Russia decided to invade Czechoslovakia, with troops and tanks, in order to overthrow the government for being too liberal, too democratic and too socialistic. That in itself is no problem, but in the global context of the time, this was a danger to the world order. The reason given by USSR was the infiltration of infiltrators ready to destroy the country. In any case, the Romanian Red leader at the time, was strongly opposed to the Soviet intervention and was one to refuse sending troops.
Actually the story is more detached to these events, but rather it is about a family of Czechs visiting Romania at the exact date the invasion was taking place. How does Mickey(Mouse) get on the cover of the book? I cannot answer that. Well I can, but won`t.

This is the first book I officially publish. At the beginning of 2014. Worked on it in a rush since the editors told me they need it yesterday. Looking back, I wish they would have given me more time, but the good thing, one year later(now) it`s almost sold-out, people like it, the story is nice and it was fun to work on.

I tried drawing four pages per day since I was asked to hurry, but I would loose myself in the process and start adding details, difficult angles. Initially I wanted to draw everything in a static approach, equal panels, similar poses, but I wasn`t in that much of a rush, so now and then I would really get to enjoy setting up a page, constructing a layout I would find interesting, experiment brush strokes. At the end of the day, my main goal was to make the story as clear as possible. Help the reader understand what`s going on but also give them some understanding of the setting.

When I first read the script, I thought there should be close to two hundred pages. The kind of  decompressed book, lots of large horizontal panels, that is IMO perfect for a more dramatic story. One that had limited action scenes. The end result is a 56 pages book. So I had to shrink every panel, make them mostly vertical, short so I could fit everything inside the book.  This gave me a constant feeling that I`m letting things out. The printed page is close to a A5 format, so the information in each page is limited by the size of the paper. In order to enlarge certain panels I resorted to using allot of bleed panels and to vary their size depending on how much information was inside each rather than focusing on tempo. This created very interesting layouts for me, but even as I tried creating an easy flow to everything, I think the more freestyle arrangement can cause some confusion, especially in new readers of the comic book medium. I wish to apologize to those, and say that on the pages I am drawing right now, I am paying special attention to making the panel layout as clean and easy to read, as possible.

One other aspect I guess I should have payed more attention to, is lettering. It can work on a larger format, to write freehand, but as the page gets smaller, as the letters shrink, they should be drawn in a cleaner fashion. Or digitally.


Monday, February 02, 2015

HAC: Heart of ice pt.I

Inks for Part 1/3 of Heart of Ice, a story about Miron, a giant with frozen breath.
This is the first story I drew for a big publisher, working with the editor,  first time I got a writer, a colorist, first story drawn with a brush, on larger than print-size paper.
It was a roller-coaster ride.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Otaku Fest #7

These are fanart drawings of Sikay, Reika and Julia Laurant, for Otaku Fest Luky edition #7. They are drawn with a nib on A4 paper. I`ve used strong-photo-reference. It took me about 18 work hours each and it took more because of the strong heat drying the ink in the pot and on the nib but except from that it all came out just right.